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Stephanie Sharp

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Stephanie is dedicated to the field of mental health

wellness. As an individual who experienced genuine

insight and healing on various occasions through

personal counselling, Stephanie has made the career

choice to give back to therapy what it has provided

to her by serving others. Stephanie is passionate

about providing therapeutic support for youth,

family difficulties, life transitions, motherhood, and

self-exploration. Stephanie offers individual and

couples therapy sessions for youth and adults.

Stephanie has a background in youth education and

has a passion for helping youth. Stephanie offers a

safe space for exploring thoughts and feelings

during these critical times of development.

Stephanie is currently finalizing her Master’s degree

in Counselling Psychology.

Stephanie aspires to help the family; most notably,

the foundation of the family, the parents. Couples

are challenged with the task of maintaining a loving

supportive relationship while facing life challenges

which can be more than demanding at times. As a

mother herself, Stephanie has experienced the joys

of motherhood but also understands the true

hardships of it. Thus, Stephanie speaks to maternal

mental health-including neonatal, post-partum and

seasoned veterans. Lastly, the quality of your life is

the quality of your relationships, most notably the

one you have with yourself. Therefore, if you are

experiencing great distress, it is an act of self-care

and self-love to explore your burdens with an

objective beneficent therapist.

Stephanie Sharp
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