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The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Dealing with Toxic People:

How to Reclaim your Power from Narcissists and Other Manipulators

The term narcissist has become more commonly used on many social media platforms, but what does the term narcissist really mean? Do you feel like an emotional sponge, absorbing the emotions of others around you? Do you feel as though all of your senses are on high alert? If any of these statements resonate with you, you may want keep reading ahead.

Shahida Arabi, eloquently outlines and provides examples of the many hidden characteristics and behaviours used by narcissists and other types of toxic people. Arabi provides detailed information and clarifies the differences of five types of toxic people throughout her book. Readers are presented with scientific explanations that assist in better understanding how our brain interprets trauma specifically from toxic people and narcissists as a highly sensitive person.

Arabi beautifully explains the qualities of a highly sensitive person, the science behind this concept, and how it differs from an empath. Her book provides insightful and important information that allows the reader to understand their strengths and potential vulnerabilities that come alongside being classified as a highly sensitive person. Readers can better understand how toxic people seek out highly sensitive individual’s due to their caring and empathic nature. Arabi invites readers to cater to their authentic selves and discover how to use their strengths to thrive.

This book offers many helpful activities and exercises as the reader works their way through the information. In addition, Arabi provides several thoroughly researched strategies and techniques to assist readers navigate their way through interactions with toxic people. Arabi expands upon several explanations and strategies to assist highly sensitive people in establishing and maintaining boundaries with toxic people.

This evidence-based book presents valuable information in a relatable, concise, and simplified manner that highlights ways in which the reader can heighten their emotional intelligence and can help guide readers to making positive changes in their life.

Ultimately, Shahida Arabi’s book provides readers with the ability to become more attuned with yourself and your needs. While the information and strategies presented within this book are valuable and useful to the readers, talking to a therapist can help with the process to gain even more benefits.

The infographic below is a resource provided by Arabi that illustrates the differences between healthy and toxic relationships.

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