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Our Team

Maria Orrego

"Therapy should never be seen as a failure, but rather as an avenue of growth and restoration"

Alannah Hillmer

"I believe there is no better investment than yourself. The time and energy you put into yourself will never be wasted."

Sev Kiper

"We all have moments where we feel lost, confused, and find ourselves in the dark... Allow me to walk alongside you as we find the way through together."

Deborah Black

"Therapy should be a holistic approach, addressing the mind, body, and spirit to promote overall

Alisha Mann

"Trauma can be scary in the dark. Let's shine light on it together"

Dr. Ashley Nelson

"Helping people understand their bodies better through individual plans to truly support health and wellness"

Samantha Burns

"Cultivating inner growth, illuminating minds, and guiding you towards a journey of self-discovery and healing."

Stephanie Sharp

"Healing comes from within."

Marta Salerno

"I hear you. I believe in you. I care."

Monika Urbanski

"I'm all about where science meets soul when it comes to food and diet"

Katja Tupak

"You are not alone in your struggles. I am here to offer you support and hope on your journey to healing"

Dina Emaduldeen

“Every time we ask a question, we’re generating a possible version of life.”

Canadian Best Business award
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